Public Education

The Weslaco Fire Department Public Education program is literally for all ages. We interact with over 10,000 local youth throughout the year by visiting schools to talk about fire safety and engage our youth in emergency preparedness programs. We also like to educate our community on preparedness and safety such as CPR and hurricane preparedness courses. Public education took a turn towards our elderly in 2015. We found that there was not much fire safety education earlier than the 70's, which means that our elderly population did not have the same safety messages as our children. We changed that trend by going to our elderly communities and discussing basic fire safety monthly. We have worked with our school district to educate them on emergency preparedness and provided training to create a good synergy between the Weslaco Fire Department and Weslaco Independent School District in times of emergencies.


Fire Administration, Weslaco City Hall
255 South Kansas
Weslaco, Texas 78596