Public works repainting crosswalks along Bridge Ave. 

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Our public works department is working Saturday, Oct. 22 to ensure the repainting of road markings on Bridge Ave. are completed as quickly as possible. Last month, our engineering department assessed this stretch of road along Bridge Ave. and began outlining the spots for the new markings. 

The City of Weslaco positioned and mounted traffic lights here at the intersection of 18th Street and South Bridge Ave. this summer. 

Our engineering department awaits the arrival of the necessary signal box, which was ordered this year and is being manufactured. It will then be connected and activated as an added safety measure. 

In addition, our public works department will also repave the intersection. 

The public works crew at Bridge Ave. recently completed paving a portion of Westgate Ave. and they work hard to ensure our roads are taken care of each step of the way. After a project is complete, they immediately begin a new project to best serve the citizens of Weslaco.