Mayor and City Commission recognize Commissioner Leo Muñoz

Recognition of Comm Leo Muñoz 211115Mayor David Suarez and the Weslaco City Commission recognized Commissioner Leo Muñoz. 

Commissioner Leo Muñoz was elected as City commissioner of District one on November 11th, 2015. He served as District one Commissioner for the City of Weslaco and still until we had a special election which was held on November 2020 to redistrict city boundaries in which he became a commissioner at large, representing the entire city of Weslaco. Commissioner Leo also served as Mayor Pro Tem from November 2020 through November 2021, and he did an excellent job as Mayor Pro Tem.

Thank you to Commissioner Leo Muñoz on behalf of the City of Weslaco, Mayor, City Commission, and city staff for his dedicated service to the city.

Commissioner Leo shared a few words:

"At a very young age, I recognized that the work never ends. There are always areas for improvement. The City of Weslaco has a lot of areas that we need help on and we need a strong Commission to recognize those needs and go after what we have to do to make this better."

"Throughout my 7-year tenure, I have done a lot and some of the projects that we worked on are seen already and some we'll be seeing eventually. I'm forever grateful for the opportunity. I'm sure that future generations will benefit greatly from the work that we've done."

"I love the American democracy in which we have people go out there and show their vote. When a new electoral official is elected or voted into office, there's a smooth transition from one officeholder to the next, and I plan to do exactly that. I'd like for there to be continuity."

"Anything you all need from me moving forward, I am here to help out."

"I leave you all behind knowing that you all continue with my legacy and doing what is best for Weslaco. I am internally grateful for having the opportunity, not a lot of people have it, and I learned a lot from it and hopefully, you know, move forward with a new city Commission. Thank you all very much. Thank you, guys."

by Maggie Perez, City of Weslaco