June water billing information

The City of Weslaco’s water billing department identified an isolated error in its computerized meter system affecting less than 1 percent of customers. 

Due to the computerized error, less than 100 customers received a May bill stating zero gallons of water were consumed when the customers used and consumed water. We identified the error to be a delay in the computerized system. Due to this delay, it merged May’s water consumption into June’s bill. 

Although the water consumption and usage is accurate, we understand that it may not be feasible for all 91 residents to pay for two months of water consumption at one time. 

We are committed to assisting residents who have been affected by this computerized error. As part of our commitment, our staff is calling all 91 customers to inform them of this computerized error and outline payment options that are financial feasible for all affected residents. 

If you noticed a discrepancy in June’s bill and would like our staff to review your account, you are more than welcome and encouraged to call us at (956) 973-3113

Additionally, we are in communication with the computerized meter company and will be taking all necessary measures to prevent this issue from reoccurring.