Employee Spotlight: Dolores Hernandez, Water Department Clerk

Our employees are important, not only our city, but also to our entire community. We are launching an initiative to introduce you to the people behind the City of Weslaco. From paving roads, maintaining water lines, to interacting with citizens, our staff works to ensure we meet the needs of our community.

Employee Spotlight Dolores Hernandez snippet

Job title: Water Department Clerk

Years of service: 8 years with the City of Weslaco

Dolores also previously worked a substitute teacher including as a permanent substitute for children with special needs. She loves running into her former students at City Hall.

Favorite place to go in Weslaco: Dolores enjoys The Eatery in Weslaco because it's a place you can take the whole family.

Favorite part of the job: She loves interacting with citizens as she processes water service payments.

"I do have citizens that always talk to me, and I love making them feel comfortable," she said. "I see them like they're my family, like grandparents."

At times, Dolores comes across citizens she's met out in the community, and appreciates those who take the time out of their day to say hello.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be: Yellowstone National Park. Dolores is a fan of the TV show Yellowstone and would love to get a cabin out there.

Advice you would give others: Always respect others and be humble.

Dolores is also a proud mom of four adult children!