Mayor and City Commission recognize Municipal Clerks Week

Mayor and City Commission recognize the week of April 30 through May 6 as Municipal Clerks Week.

city secretary and commission

Municipal Clerks provide a multitude of services to their community and local government including conducting elections, recording and preserving records, providing information and services to citizens, and codifying legislative activities of the governing body.

Municipal Clerks continually provide outstanding services to our community and local government on a daily basis, constantly striving to protect resources, provide transparency in all aspects of local government, and to preserve our heritage while planning for our future.

Municipal Clerks continue their participation in education programs, seminars, workshops, and the annual meetings of their state, provincial, county, and international professional organizations; and whereas the Mayor and City Commission of City of Weslaco deemed most appropriate that their accomplishments be recognized.

by Maggie Perez, City of Weslaco