Weslaco Family Donates Valuable Equipment to Local Resident

A Weslaco resident facing mobility challenges reached out to Weslaco Fire Department. The need for a House Hoyer lift was expressed to the Firefighters. 
A House Hoyer Lift is a device used to assist with daily living activities. This vital piece of equipment can greatly enhance independence and quality of life, allowing individuals to move safely and comfortably within their home.
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Weslaco Fire Department took to social media to ask the community for help. Within minutes, Facebook users liked and shared the post. This allowed for a wider audience reach.

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The post caught the attention of retired Weslaco Firefighter Juan Pacheco and his wife Sandra. They graciously decided to donate a House Hoyer Lift that had belonged to their son Joshua Pacheco (1993 - 2017).

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The generous donation of the Pacheco family will help increase a Weslaco resident's quality of life. The Weslaco Fire Department thanked the family as well as the people who spread the word. It is important to help one another in times of need, and the Pacheco family was a clear example of what can be accomplished as a community that cares for each other. 

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By Maggie Perez
City of Weslaco