Weslaco Swears in Newly Elected Officials


Weslaco, TX November 15, 2023 - The Weslaco City Commission convened in a special session to administer the oath of office to the recently elected officials, marking the formal induction of Mayor Adrian Gonzalez, the re-elected City Commissioner Leticia "Letty" Lopez of District 2, and re-elected City Commissioner of District 1 Josh Pedraza. The evening also saw the appointment of Mayor Pro Tem Adrian Farias. 

The municipal chambers witnessed a gathering of residents, officials, and dignitaries as newly elected Mayor Gonzalez, conveyed gratitude for the opportunity to serve Weslaco. In his inaugural address, he emphasized inclusivity, sustainable growth, and community involvement in shaping the city's future.

Commissioner Letty Lopez's re-election was met with applause, and she acknowledged her continued dedication to her district and the broader community. Her constituents' support underscores her role as a trusted representative. She thanked God for the guidance through the last 8 years in office and asked for his will to be done through her new term in office. 


Josh Pedraza, Commissioner of District 1, who ran unopposed, was sworn in as well. His commitment to positive change aligns with his role as City Commissioner. "It is with immense humility and a sense of duty that I stand before you today, ready to continue the work we have started together." 


The officials pledged to uphold values of transparency, accountability, and accessibility in their roles, emphasizing their commitment to address diverse community needs collaboratively.


Additionally, Commissioner of District 4 Adrian Farias was appointed as Mayor Pro Tem, as per policy, for the current fiscal year.  He was elected in 2019.


The ceremony symbolized a new chapter in Weslaco's governance, emphasizing the officials' dedication to city progress and harmony. With a mix of experience and fresh perspectives, these leaders embark on their roles with the shared goal of fostering a thriving Weslaco for its residents.

Article by Maggie Perez
Photos by Jasmine Rico-Joens
City of Weslaco