Weslaco Fire Department Awarded FM Global Grant to Enhance Arson Investigation Capabilities

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Weslaco, TX, December 12, 2023 - In a testament to their unwavering dedication to fire prevention and safety, the Weslaco Fire Department has been selected as a recipient of the FM Global grant. Standing out among a multitude of applicants, the department has earned recognition for its steadfast commitment to making a tangible impact in safeguarding the community.

Securing a grant totaling $1,043, the department is set to acquire essential equipment including a camcorder, carrying case, and tripod. While this financial boost is significant, the true value lies in the enhanced capabilities it brings to the department's arson investigation efforts. This crucial tool will play a pivotal role in augmenting their capacity to prevent property loss and facilitate more thorough investigations.

"This grant is more than just financial support; it's a symbol of empowerment," expressed Maggie Perez, Grant Writer. "With these resources, Weslaco Fire Department can further strengthen our resolve to prevent tragedies and protect our community."

The Weslaco Fire Department remains resolute in its shared belief that most fire-related tragedies are avoidable with the right tools, dedication, and collaborative efforts. This grant serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to serving and safeguarding the community, reinforcing their mission to prioritize fire safety and prevention.

FM Global's recognition underscores the department's exceptional dedication to proactive fire prevention measures and their continuous efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents they serve.