We Commend the Vital Efforts of Unidos Contra La Diabetes

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In light of the pressing health challenges confronting our community, we commend the vital efforts of Unidos Contra La Diabetes in raising awareness and fostering prevention of type 2 diabetes in the Rio Grande Valley.

Recent data from Unidos Contra La Diabetes highlights the severity of the issue, with one in three individuals in the Rio Grande Valley grappling with diabetes, and nearly half unaware of their condition. Their findings underscore a concerning 27% diagnosis rate in our region, nearly three times higher than the national average.

Mayor Adrian Gonzalez, together with the City of Weslaco City Commission, proudly designates March 26th, 2024, as National Diabetes Alert Day in Weslaco, Texas.
We implore all residents to unite with us in this crucial mission of preventing type 2 diabetes in ourselves, our families, and our friends.

Let us come together in this endeavor to champion health and well-being throughout our cherished Weslaco.